2019-11-07 E-Edition

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From Vietnam To Cocoa Avenue


For the past 21 years, former Marine Bob Christman has been wearing a different uniform for at least nine months a year – that of a school crossing guard, most recently at the corner of Cocoa and Elm avenues. “It’s what they call the ‘retirement post,’” 82-year-old Christman said with a grin, alluding to the previous guard at that post, […]

From Drama To Doctors


Penn State Health has announced that it will take over the space now occupied by the CocoaPlex Cinema, and the owner of the theater, Room One Corporation, has announced the movie house will close at the end of the year. Penn State Health already uses space in the CocoaPlex Center complex and its Fishburn family medicine center is next door […]

United We Stand

In the race to fill two seats on the Derry Township Board of Supervisors, it was hard to find one millimeter of distance between the two Republican candidates, Natalie Nutt and Carter Wyckoff. When they spoke, they said the same things. Hold the line on taxes. Improve infrastructure. Every yard sign, every mailer, every poll card said the same thing: […]

Letters to the Editor

Before we get into the mailbag, we have an announcement and an apology … Just when you thought the political advertising season was over, it’s begun all over again as you’ll see on Page 5 of this week’s issue of The Sun. As a matter of long-standing policy, we do not censor political advertising, and as a general rule, we […]

Tips From Our Readers

In a follow-up to my Oct. 24 editorial concerning tips, I received some very good feedback and advice from readers on the subject of tipping. It’s changed the way I approach tipping the various services I use on a daily basis, so I wanted to share a few with you. This reader says don’t tip for takeout … No, I […]

From Where I Sit

Yes, you asked for it several times in our annual reader survey and, starting in our Oct. 24 issue, “50 Years Ago” has returned to the pages of The Sun. I have to smile as I wondered some years back why we dropped it. “50 Years Ago” was a popular column in the paper at the time Rosemary and I […]

Notes From The Mayor

I’m just getting back from a golfing trip to North Carolina with some construction friends. It was a great time, golfed OK, won a whole $8, and found some nice eateries. I was ready for a small break to recharge the human batteries but was glad to get home to family, friends and the town that I love. Our local […]

50 Years Ago

From The Sun, Nov. 7, 1969: The Lower Dauphin Falcons got back on the winning train as they won the “Battle of the Birds” from the Cumberland Valley Eagles 38-14 last Friday night. CV had a statistical edge but the Birds came up with the big play both on offense and defense. The big difference in the game that showed […]


Janet Jenkins from Hummelstown and her horse, Bandit, recently competed in the 2019 Pennsylvania 4-H State Horse Show. Jenkins and Bandit placed third in Hunt Seat Equitation On The Flat (ages 8-11) and eighth in Breed Type Hunter Under Saddle Horses (ages 8-13). Subscription Required! You must be an active subscriber to access this content! Please Login below or Subscribe!