2020-12-03 E-Edition

Trump Truck Vandalized

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the Donald Trump-themed Chevrolet pickup truck parked in various locations throughout Sun Country. Its owner, Carl McMullen from Derry Township, said it’s been parked at over 30 spots since he created the truck two years ago. However, recently, the truck has been vandalized and now McMullen said he is offering a $1,000 reward for […]

What’s Next for Transportation Study?

Soon, the greater Hershey Regional Transportation Study will be posted for public review. But that will happen only after the Derry Township supervisors attach their own comments to it. The Derry Township Board of Supervisors (BOS) presented its ideas about the study, created by HRG with input from a steering committee composed of different municipalities, at a virtual meeting Tuesday, […]


COVID-19 couldn’t stop these Hershey High homecoming queen hopefuls from taking the field at a recent football game. Pictured, from left, are Annie Bravacos, Anoushka Nambiar, Katie Copeland, Maddie Geeting, Anna Callahan and Caroline Corcoran. Copeland was named the 2020 homecoming queen. Photo: Sally Copeland.

Letters to the Editor


Before we get started with the mailbag this week, my apologies on an error we made regarding an anniversary announcement in last week’s issue. The wrong text was run with the photos of Mervin and Barbara Mitchell, who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. You’ll find the correct announcement on Page 10 of this week’s issue. Now, on to the […]

My Pen Pal, Jacob

I’ve got a pen pal. We can’t communicate over social media, cell phones or even landlines. So, writing letters is all we can do. His name is Jacob and he’s an inmate at the Federal Corrections Institute in Schuylkill County. You know him as the author of Notes From The Pen. We’ve actually been writing back and forth for quite […]

Goodbye, Old Friend

On Dec. 31, 2020, we will end fax service to The Sun office. You can still contact us at our email addresses, including news@thesunontheweb.com, ads@thesunontheweb.com, legals@thesunontheweb.com and lois@thesunontheweb.com (for subscription questions).

Shine a Light

Opinions by our readers

Miss Hummelstown 2021 Hannah Emily Fischer was crowned Miss Hummelstown 2021 at the 46th annual Miss Hummelstown Pageant held Saturday, Nov. 21. Queen Hannah was sponsored by the Lower Dauphin Alumni Association, and was one of 20 girls from the Junior Class at Lower Dauphin who participated in the pageant. Each girl was sponsored by a community organization and was […]

From Where I Sit

A few weeks back when I attended the Monday, Nov. 2, meeting of the Lower Dauphin School Board, I arrived at our regular press table set up in the cafetorium of the middle school and much to my surprise, instead of the usual hardseated chair, I was greeted by a nice, apparently new plush office chair with padded seat and […]

Castaway Critter of the Week