2021-02-04 E-Edition

A Race Against Time

As scientists expected, the novel coronavirus is mutating rapidly, evolving more infectious and perhaps deadlier strains. At the same time, local hospitals and clinics are ramping up vaccinations as the Biden administration has set an ambitious national goal of 1.5 million immunizations per day. It’s a race against time. And the winner — the new strains or vaccinations — will […]

Snow Days!

Consecutive snow days was just what the doctor ordered for Sun Country youth this past week; as for parents, well … that’s another story. Jayana Hughes, 12, and Braya Miller, 4, gave their mother a workout, above, as she pulled them on a sled through Hummelstown, while Brooklynn Neely enjoyed the snow with attitude. Photos: Bridget Miller and Amber Neely.

Buck Amendment Advances

Is a steep slope also a slippery one? At its Feb. 2 virtual meeting, the Derry Township Planning Commission effectively said “No,” voting to advance an amendment to the township’s zoning rules to allow “disturbance of slopes greater than 20% for residential structures, subject to certain standards.” The amendment was proposed by Michele Buck, President and CEO of The Hershey […]

Letters to the Editor

Read the complaining letters to the editor in last week’s paper. Looks to me like a bunch of uninformed voters who believe anything that their left-wing agenda tells them to believe and say. The way they spoke about and complained about this young man’s personal experience really makes me sick. He was practicing his first amendment right by attending the […]

Waiting My Turn

Anytime you’re trying to provide a service to literally everyone in the country, it’s not going to go smoothly. Getting the country vaccinated in 1918 during the Spanish Flu outbreak was, by all accounts, a mess. And getting the country vaccinated during the COVID-19 outbreak is going to be the same way. With something as large scale as vaccinating an […]

From Where I Sit

Was saddened to note in the Dec. 24 issue of The Sun that my longtime friend Rev. Norman C. Marks of Mountain View Bible Church in Sipetown has reluctantly made the decision to no longer provide us with his weekly Bible lesson, Religious Writ. I know producing this weekly column was one of the joys of Pastor Norm’s life, but […]

Notes From The Pen

Most women ruminate about their wedding day, starting as a young girl. They fantasize about a magical venue garnished with all of the bells and whistles they can possibly imagine. The paramount goal is to be the most desirable human in the room, and for every guest to envy their current state of jubilance. It develops into their day that […]

Notes From The Mayor

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the ice sculptures in town last weekend. Thankfully, the winds diminished and Friday evening was about as good as it gets for the end of January. There was a good amount of foot traffic and the eateries where I stopped had a wait list. I look forward to January 2022 when we […]

50 Years Ago

By Lizzie Sharp From The Sun, Feb. 3, 1971: The Antique Automobile Club of America, which formerly maintained national headquarters in the Hershey Museum Building, West Derry Road, has recently completed its move into a new headquarters location in Hershey. It is now occupying the former Milton S. Hershey School Rolling Green unit located west of Cherry Drive on route […]