2022-11-24 E-Edition

In Hummelstown: Rhoads Closing, Toys Coming

On Jan. 31, 2023, Rhoads Hallmark & Gift Shop, located at 17 W. Main Street in Hummelstown, will close. Rhoads has been a longtime fixture in Hummelstown. For 45 years, it operated as Rhoads Pharmacy & Gift Shop at 17 W. Main St., then reopened as just a gift shop at its current location after CVS purchased the pharmacy’s records […]

A Tax Hike?

After much deliberation, Hummelstown has an early draft of a budget for 2023. At Borough Council’s Nov. 17 meeting, the board voted to advertise this proposed budget to the public. The numbers in the proposed budget are not set in stone – as mentioned by borough solicitor Mike Miller during the meeting, council members can still make changes during the […]

Two Win Titles

Sun Country saw an unprecedented three teams make it to the state championship game, with two out of the three bringing home titles to their respective schools. The Lower Dauphin field hockey team claimed the school’s seventh PIAA crown after a thrilling overtime victory, while the Hershey boys soccer team captured their school’s first-ever state title. For more photos and […]

Shine a Light: Hummelstown Holiday Happenings

Opinions by our readers

The holidays are here, and it is time to celebrate them in Hummelstown! Hummelstown Holiday Happenings will be held Sunday, Dec. 4, 1-5 p.m. Sponsored by the Hummelstown Business and Professional Association, the Hummelstown Holiday Happenings event is for young and old alike. Hummelstown will be bustling with many holiday activities. Local businesses and organizations will be hosting festive activities […]

Might, Might Not

This list always grows. Last week, it added Sam Bankman-Fried of FTX. Not long before, it added Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. And Trevor Milton of Nikola. Before that, there was Adam Neumann of WeWork. And Bernie Madoff of his family firm. And Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco. And John Rigas of Adelphia. And Jeffrey Skilling of Enron. And on and on […]

From Where I Sit

Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep on Sunday, Nov. 6? I did. Yes, I’m talking about the start of Daylight Savings Time. As per usual, there were the complaints about why we do it? Why do we need it? What does it accomplish? This year we even had complaints about, how it messes with our brain and our […]

Notes From The Mayor

It was a great weekend for local high school sports. The Hershey boys soccer, Central Dauphin girls soccer, Mechanicsburg girls field hockey and Lower Dauphin girls field hockey teams all won state championships. Palmyra girls field hockey were runner-up in the championship game after a great season. I was at the game, and it was one for the archives. The […]

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