2023-03-23 E-Edition

Complaints of Racism

Lower Dauphin School Board met Monday, March 20, and faced a meeting room filled with upset parents, students and district residents. Their attendance was prompted by an article in the Sunday, March 19, Patriot-News by Ivey DeJesus titled, “Racial slurs unnerve Black students, families in school district.” The article addressed complaints by some students and their parents in the Lower […]


What’s the surest sign of spring in Sun Country? The blooming of the Crocuses, of course. Our Nathan Merkel captured a few macro images of the early-season flower, Saturday, March 18, along Ridge Road in Hershey. You may still be able to see them for yourself, but you’d better hurry.

It’s Pysanky Time!

Easter reintroduces color and vibrancy into winter-weary lives, not only with its religious themes of hope and rebirth, but also with eggs, brightly colored and smile-provoking. None, however, are as spectacular in appearance, power and message as pysanky — a.k.a. Ukrainian — eggs, with their brilliant hues and meticulously written designs that reflect precise geometric order, along with ancient symbols […]

Letters to the Editor

Linda Kreiser’s exploits in Field Hockey at Lower Dauphin are well known. As her former biology teacher at LD, I want to add that Linda was one of the finest biology students I ever had. In addition, as her science supervisor at LD, she was one of the best science teachers in our department. So proud of her. Dave Smith […]

50 Years Ago

“Expansion & Girls’ Sports Get Approval Of Board”

From the March 22, 1973 issue of The Sun: The Derry Township School Board met Monday, March 19, and heard a report from Richard Engle, board member, on the Long Range Planning Committee’s study of kindergarten thru 12th grade housing and facilities. The study took into consideration the projected population increase. The committee felt that the construction of a new […]

From Where I Sit

Back in 2019, I began having some hearing problems and was worried it would impact my coverage of the Lower Dauphin School Board. I had no trouble with close one-onone conversation, but put some distance between myself and the people I’m trying to listen to and it became a problem. I talked about the problem with a couple of fellow […]

The Sky is (not) Falling

Since the dawn of civilization, the sky has been falling. Just ask Chicken Little, who thinks an acorn falling on his head is a sign that the world is coming to an end. Gloom and doom prognostications can be good for business, politically motivated or just because we like a good ol’ fashioned post-apocalyptic scenario. Remember Y2K? I was on […]

Easter Egg Hunt SCHEDULE

Castaway Critter of the Week