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Place a Legal Ad

Column Documentation for Advertisers – Download or Bookmark this Column User Guide for future reference.


To place a legal ad – like a Name Change or Estate Notice  – use the Column system:

First, register at

It’s easy, and there’s no charge to register.

Then submit your ad at *Make sure you Bookmark this link for the future!

Deadline: Mondays at Noon

Cost: All legals are priced $2.50 PER LINE plus an additional 10% Column fee. You can see the cost of your ad as soon as you upload it. For Name Changes it is a total of $99 (Column fee included).

Name Changes: Once you Register and go to the Submission from, choose the “Name Change” or  “Minor Name Change” in the dropdown Menu. You will be prompted to another screen that asks you for some basic information such as your court date, docket number, current name and the name you are change it too and more. Once you are finished filling our the answers, Column will generate the information into our Name Change Ad template that is from the Dauphin County Reporter form. Please look over the ad to make sure everything is correct. Fill out the rest of the form in Column (publication date, contact info and more) and hit submit.


Affidavits/Proof Of Publications: All affidavits are signed by a notary and are uploaded to your Column account. You can choose to receive the email notification that it is ready or have it mailed to your address or someone else. All affidavits from previous ads you placed will be in your Column account if it ever gets lost in the mail or your email. If you do not get an affidavit in the mail or find it in your email, please log into you Column Account.

Payment Methods accepted: Check and Credit Card. You will receive an email from Column with a link to pay. Or you can check out the invoice PDF and mail a check to the address stated or click on the link in the PDF to pay with credit card.

Please note that you must supply the text for your legal ad. We can not write it for you. For sample templates, visit

Below are some video tutorials on Column:

More Help from Column: (Go to the Advertiser section)

Please Note: 

The Sun is no longer mailing monthly invoices. We are strictly using Column. The invoices are sent right after it is done being uploaded or we will email you the PDF to you personally. The Invoice and Affidavit can be found though your Column profile and you will get notifications when things are ready to view. They can also be physical mailed to you if requested. 

Need Help or a Walk Though Tutorial?

Contact Column at: and you can talk though email or even set up a phone call or video chat.

If you have questions, contact us at 717-566-3251 or